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Hello everybody!!!


Thank you for your patience with our ever-changing schedules and job searches… WE ARE BACK!! Both Jess and John have secured jobs in different Floyd’s 99 barbershops and we will be working the following schedules for the foreseeable future:

Services: here is a handy guide on how to book your desired stuffs.

We are able to do everything that we offered at J&Js except for facials…


Floyd’s cut - $29  - any and all haircuts that we do EXCEPT for razor fades requiring the actual straight razor with hot towels or the foil shaver used as a part of a skin fade… this and all Floyd’s haircuts include a quick shave around the ears as part of this standard haircut.


“Skin Fade” - $34 - This is the haircut you must select if you would like the additional straight razor and foil shaver fade on your haircut.  


“Buzz cut” - $26 - This haircut is if you get a quick ‘one clipper blade size all over’ kind of a haircut. *includes a neckline straight razor shave


*J&J’s style “Full Service” - Beard trim, Straight Razor edges, and a  Haircut - this is defined by Floyd’s in a few different ways:

  • Floyd’s terminology:

    • Beard Trim - $13 - This is for clippered short beards and only outlined with a trimmer NO STRAIGHT RAZOR (one clipper size all over)

    • Detailed Beard Trim - $26 - fuller or sculpted beards (the majority of what we did at J&Js) that includes a straight razor line up with hot towels. 

    • Beard Trim-Straight Razor - $39 - This distinction looks to be a “top tier” level that Jess and I do not require for you to book… If your service ends up needing the extra time alloted for this selection we will adjust after you come in for a cut.


J&J’s “Full Service” - will most likely be booked at Floyd’s as:

  • Floyd’s Cut and a Detailed Beard Trim - *if you get a straight razor fade with your cut then simply book the “skin fade” instead of the Floyd’s cut*


Please be sure to read the descriptions on the Floyd’s website while booking to ensure that you are selecting the proper service… for example their “Full Service Cut” is nothing like J&Js Full service cut.


Lastly we wanted to let you know that these shops are very busy due to understaffing and it would be in your best interest to book your next visit now, as well as booking your following visit when you come in.


John is working at his Chandler location every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Jess is working at her Tempe location every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

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